So fake tans have been all the rage for a while but I’m starting to see a new trend: FAKE fake tans. Where the person is so Oompa-Loompa that they look like they’ve come off of a rotisserie. Not just on those crazy New Jersey guys, but on girls, too.
I just want to ask before the craze gets even crazier: does anyone find that even remotely attractive or interesting? I personally would have trouble having anything to do with anyone like that, even (especially?) for casual dating. But I mean, there has to be SOME logical reason behind the action and attraction. Anyone?


  1. …Where are you seeing this trend? If it’s irl and nearby, I think that it’s possible Seattlites are so far removed from the sun, they aren’t sure what a natural tan looks like.

  2. Exactly what I was thinking: Ganguro
    fake tans (or tans in general) for some reason aren’t attractive for me at all. I prefer white, pale girls because, well, i dont know. Everyone has weird attractions, and theres nothing wrong or crazy about it. You just gotta find yourself a ganguro girl.

  3. No. Definitely not attractive. Maybe interesting just because it’s “different” but not attractive.
    I actually saw a ganguro woman when I was in Japan… It was the first time I ever saw anyone with fake tan, and I thought it was weird so I turn the other direction and walk away from her. o_o

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