Just as important as my car on sale!

Jon’s going to totally shack it up with Liz! Supposedly it’s a permanent change!
This is a story element that started last week and carried over to a Sunday strip, so it’s heavy duty. We were totally calling this Jon and Liz and Liz’s date and Ellen thing earlier in the week.
Yeah we hate Garfield, but you can’t really HATE Garfield. Come on!


  1. Yeah, I was confused when I was reading the strip and it seemed like she liked him (yesterday’s or something). What’s up with that?
    Do you have some source that they’re going to shack it up, or is that an educated guess?

      1. 1) Makes sense.
        2) I actually just went and saw that and I was gonna respond back saying I’d seen it but you were too quick for me.
        3) Quite true.
        4) Did you go and look up that comic all for me?

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