Aaaaaagh so frightening.

I have put my car, yes, the car in CAR, up for auction on eBay. Bidding starts at $500. I wrote a hell of a lot about it for this auction, so take a look.
To think, this car will be gone in a little over a week! But I am moving on.


  1. lol, my dad should have bought your car instead of buying his shitty new Ford Focus. My dad hasn’t driven a manual in twenty years so it was to my dismay when he decided to “drive” me to Target. I almost puked. 🙁

  2. Ok, heres the scoop.
    We have an eye on my dads friend’s car. We’re going to talk to him and see what’s up. If I end up not getting the car (I’ll probably know within the week), then your second on the list.
    So, basically, if we both fail with our car situation (your ebay thang doesn’t work out or whatever) then I’ll end up buying your car. It would be an honor to own CAR’s car.

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