Vinegar Tom

Experimental theater is everything I hate about theater, not from concentrate.

I just came back from watching Vinegar Tom, which, from what I could gather, was an extremist feminist play about – what else – how men supposedly think women should act, and, in turn how men supposedly treat them. To me, both the experience and the message was like getting someone else’s shit rubbed in my face for two hours.

First thing I hated: burlesque people wandering around the theater, making passes toward audience members and publicly humiliating them by proclaiming how rigid and un-fun they are. Of course, through the performance, they heighten the otherwise dull experience by moaning, shouting, and uttering other such crap in annoying, fake, lispy accents.

Second: The obvious portrayal of men as Hitler and women justified in proclaiming their lusty or conformist actions, depending whichever “side” they’re on. In the end, they’re all chained up and screaming and hung and tortured and eventually all dead, or something, except for that one bitch you learn to hate throughout the whole thing, who’s completely redeemed. Basically, it’s yet another run-of-the-mill sad-fest with an obligatory bad ending.

Third: Those long, drawn-out murky sequences where, after the mood has abruptly changed, people take upwards of 15 minutes to drag themselves across the stage, exhibiting depression or some other form of chaos. Yeah, really involving. I fell asleep (only to be woken up, expectedly, by someone’s scream).

Fourth: The Amish.

Forgive me for acting sheltered and oblivious, but this sort of stuff is unnecessary to sit through. I understand that millions of people were killed in the Holocaust, and I understand that people are mistreated and tortured all the time. I’ve been learning this shit my entire life, and I’ve been trying to live a life where this sort of stuff is in the past, and treated as history, and I try to promote progressive values where men are as much objects as women are.

Well then, I guess that’s what this play was supposed to be. A history lesson. I wish they’d told me. I should have been put off by the fact that it was experimental theater in the first place. And I also wish they’d stop being dicks about this sorta material.

One thing the play did make me do is think – think about what kind of person writes a play like this – and it depresses me. Those who seem the most accepting and the most outspoken end up alienating someone sooner or later. This didn’t make me feel sorry for anyone. It mostly made me feel about those who are defined as “smart” and “intellectual” and all those other terms we’ve come to enjoy. If those who are so intelligent end up making things where they have to shout in your face to get a point across, how am I ever going to live my life while trying to find people who believe in what I like to call “wholesome” values without trying to start shit?

Remember when I linked

Too bad almost everyone in the gallery looks like a total fucking hick (and more than half of the pictures in the gallery are photoshops).

I'm going to be freaking annoying until someone helps me complete this.

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Big problem.

I think my video card’s semi-fried.

When I run a full-screen DirectX application, such as SSRMAX, the upper-right corner of the screen sorta disappears, like this:

Right below the black section, which seems to fluctuate in size a bit, only background elements show up… and under that, everything’s fine.

It looks like this is only a problem with DirectX apps, as I’ve tried other fullscreen apps like my other beatmania simulators, the most recent StepMania, and World of Warcraft, and they seem to work fine. The tests in dxdiag run smoothly too.

Any smart folks on my friends list have any idea what could be wrong before I pass this on to “the pros” as it were?

BTW, my card’s a GeForce FX 5200, less than a year old. I’m not overclocking it.

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Good night

Went to see the Incredibles with Saku, Ron, Lysette, and Ron’s friend Ryan. Met up with Kristi and Jennie downtown. Wow, total LiveJournal party, isn’t it.

Got some Peet’s, snuck in some Togo’s, saw the movie. Best Pixar film I’ve seen yet. Laugh-out-loud funny through and through, Pixar totally has their style down, and Elastigirl is a COMPLETE MILF.


After the movie, stopped by Quizno’s (oh by the way I seem to be forgetting to use first-person proper nouns so just so you know it’s I who went downtown and saw the Incredibles and went to Quizno’s ok lol.), and had the Steakhouse Beef Dip, the BEST FUCKING SANDWICH I HAVE EVER HAD. Actually, Kristi ordered two for herself. I can understand why. Oh my god so good the best I am eating there again very soon.

Broke off from the group and headed to the Boardwalk arcade, where I met Oniko, who’s visiting for the weekend. Basically did the usual… went back and forth between DDR EXTREME and beatmania THE FINAL. Once I get my IIDX controller (which, I’ve heard, gets released some time next week), I’ll definitely have to work on my technique… I’m really good at my sims because the keys are so close together. The fact that the scratch actually has to be moved back and forth and it’s completely adjacent to the other keys (like the Shift button is on the keyboard) definitely introduces a new challenge.

Headed back, met Liz and Linda on the bus, and enjoyed hearing the drunken ramblings of my fellow students.

I really think it’s the sandwich that made the night completely fucking awesome. I mean OH MY GOD I have never tasted something so wonderful.