My first cameraaaaaa

I got my new shirt and my Nikon Coolpix 2200 arrived a day early! Hooray I took some photos of stuff!

My new shirt (and stubble):

My room, looking much cleaner and tidier than it usually is:

And uh, my hangout on the e-zone:

Maybe some day I will take pictures of the outside place with my photo camera!

Why is it that Bush voters I know are scared to present their views on things? I’ve heard in the past from some people that I’ve been known to “snap back” or interrupt others… but seriously, I just haven’t heard any viewpoints from my Bush-voting friends at all.

If I don’t really get any answer or reason as to why people might just not give me their opinions, I’ll just go with my own assumption: it’s because they’re insecure!

BTW, if you’re ever confused as to what exactly I’m talking about, my friends page is always there. ;)


Made a really short MIDI by request yesterday – mostly because it’s simple, and focuses a lot more on beat than it does on melody – although that was somewhat hard to figure out at times too. Didn’t do any work on the dynamics, mostly because this was just to be printed out for piano…

It’s of an MP3 someone sent me of a song that’s supposed to sound like it was by Herbie Hancock. I guess.

Take a listen, it’s really quick.