New Yorkification

It’s my third night in New York, I guess it’s time for a recap since it’s been a busy vacation. Oh, and like the previous vacation I can sum it all up in one phrase:


Saturday: Spent traveling for 12 hours… that’s really all. We arrived rather late at night at our grandparents’ house. One fun thing: I left my Palm Pilot on the plane as we got off in New York. Fortunately, I noticed it around the baggage claim, so that gave me enough time to stop the plane from leaving the gate and looking around my seat. So very fortunately, they actually found it. Ah, beloved Palm Pilot.

Sunday: We celebrated Grandma Claire’s 75th birthday, and her 21st anniversary with my step-grandpa, Alvin. Lily and I set up DDR upstairs (the only place with a vacant television) so we probably made a lot of noise during the party. I hope the other guests didn’t think the ceiling was going to cave in. For food, there was a 5-foot-long sub sandwich, with every type of sandwich meat available, so that filled us up rather quickly.
We met up with Aunt Jan and Uncle Rob (my mom’s siblings), and Rob brought along his two boys (physically identical twins), Adam and Matt. They (that is, the boys and Aunt Jan) fell in love with DDR. Jan swore that she would get it for her kids for Hanukkah, she thought it was so fun.
And so the party went, with just a buttload of DDR, a sandwich, and a boithday cake. In the evening, we drove ourselves over to Uncle Rob’s house, where we’d stay for a few nights.

Monday: We woke up early to go to the Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who also designed the Marin Civic Center (reload until you get to design “center” for a picture). They had an amazing exhibit, called “Moving Pictures,” an exhibit of recent artistic works in the medium of film, video, and photo. Pretty damn awesome. The rest of the day was spent walking around different parts of Manhattan. We stopped off at a trance store and I picked up an ambient CD mix, and I also stopped off at a comic book store and picked up a copy of l33t #4! Cool enough, it had a bazillion-page bonus comic written by webrunner, who I see in #rpgcomics almost every day. Good job, webby.

Now it’s late and I’m on a really old Dell with dialup, so I think I’ll be going soon. I’m drawin’ a few comics on this vacation, and they’ll actually be good enough to put on the site. I’m thinking of setting up a Keenspace-esque comic navigator on my site, if possible. Byez.

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