Am I any of those?

This here’s a constantly under construction post, since I have no time to write nowadays.

I’m back from New York, and back in school. The day that I came back (1:00 AM) was the day that I would start my first day of school (8:00 AM).

The summer vacation’s so fuzzy now, so I’ll do a quick recap of the rest of my visit to New York.

I visited the World Trade Center. Nothing much to say here. It’s a big hole. Those beams in the shape of a cross they found are on display, making the place somewhat of a holy temple. Bleah.

We went to the biggest mall evar (or the 2nd largest in the US), the Palisades mall. There were NO DDR machines there, but a lot of Pump It Up machines with the volume turned down way too low, so I got to work on my diagonal skeelz.

I went kayaking on Lake Sebago, where my dad used to go to camp when he was a kid. If I ever get my NY comics up, there’s a strip about that.

My twin cousins, Adam and Matthew, celebrated their 13th birthdays at this amazing production called Medieval Times. Although the target audience is mainly small children, the show has some amazing jousting and swordfights. We’re seated in an arena and served a dinner of chicken and pork ribs, which we eat with our hands. I had a great time, because I like swords. Speaking of that, they had this store where they sold claymores and excaliburs and the like. I had enough money to get myself one, but I don’t think that airport security would much appreciate the extra carry-on.

Not much else that was very noteworthy on the vacation. I drove in New Jersey a few times. Fun. Um, BoFII = bathroom jokes.

And there’s that damn bell again. This is my last year of high school. Meeeeh.

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