Holy foots


The day started off with me picking up my PSX from good ol’ Joel’s house and bringing it to my sister’s drama camp, where she would be DDRing with her friends for the cast party. Hope that went well.

From there, I took my first trip alone across the Bay to Livermore, where Mikosi was in Grease. Now this was sort of funny since my sister is doing a bit of a cabaret in her group which comprises of a Grease song or two, and I had seen it a day before. But still, Mikosi’s production was rather good. Sorry to say, though, but there was horrible tech. Microphones often faded out, squealed (you know, the AWFUL high pitch tone you get when you hold it up to an output speaker), and the CD containing the music even skipped once, leaving the character Rizzo to do an a capella song. But besides the tech, it was a really great production. Wonderful acting all around. Since the cast was made mostly of girls, a lot of the boy characters were played by girls, including Sonny, Mikosi’s character, and even Danny, the main character of the play. She was probably picked though since DAMN, she’s a great dancer. Ah yes, wonderful choreography throughout as well.

Afterwards, Mikosi’s parents and I drove down to a local malt-shop-style burger joint, where I had the largest double bacon cheeseburger EVAR with curly fries and a large soda. No, I’m not dead yet.

So it was another fun drive back yelling at the top of my lungs to System of a Down songs , going 88 MPH down the freeway (yes, I DID activate the Flux Capacitor and I DID go to the year 2015. When I discovered I couldn’t control the weather, I got so very pissed off).

Then I got a haircut. Don’t consult the cam for details because currently there’s just a picture of my chair. Chairs are good.

I had expected to spend the rest of my day packing up, but instead, Hannah invited me to the Oasis, a local teen center where they have bi-weekly concerts every… uh… two weeks. Yup.

See, the thing is, barely anyone actually goes inside the building to listen to the music. It costs $6.00 to get in there, and you can’t hear anything because the local bands are too busy screaming. I made the mistake of paying to get in there. The coolest people stick around outside.

I met up with a lot of my friends, who I didn’t know frequented this event. I am so definitely coming from now on. I can’t count how many people I pissed off by shining my LED light in their face. But I was far from the wackiest person there (I should be shot for using the word “wackiest”). For example, one person successfully rubbed sticks together to start a fire, and burned large holes in his shirt. That proved to be much fun until he got kicked out for “smoking.”

I actually was able to get a few people to go a few blocks down to the arcade, where we participated in some DDR (YES, there were actually some spectators whoopee). I got back, drove a friend home (now that I’m legally able to do so), and started blogging.

My blog was about how the day went. I linked to a few videos I had recorded, talked about how I gave DDR to my sister for her cast party, saw Mikosi in Grease, had lunch with her parents, and went to the Oasis with Hannah. The last paragraph pretty much recapped what I had written. It sort of went like this: first I linked to a few videos I–

Okay, that’s enough.

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