Yes, that’s right, Hannah. She’s got her
own site up now, and in a day or two it’ll be on evildavis.com. I expect it’ll be a big hit. Bluntly because she’s a girl, has a webcam, and is soooo cute. Hee hee. But also she’ll be putting up writings and drawings and paintings and videos and other sorts of media, so it’ll be a fun place. Needless to say, I made the design. Roxors, no?

I keep vaguely mentioning the dogs at my mom’s house. They’re Asian Rescue dogs, meaning that they were, well, rescued from Asia. That horrible, horrible place. Since the middle of this week, she’s had two dogs, Shadow and Joy.

Shadow is a black retriever and schipperke mix. She’s surprisingly affectionate, and often gives hugs (yes, hugs), but as a puppy in Taiwan, some shitheads poured acid on her, burning off some fur on her neck and back. So she’s a bit scruffy-looking.

We also HAD another dog, Joy, who looks sort of like a smaller German shepherd. Joy is very very shy, and scared around men (I heard that she was going to be on the menu, and was chased around by some guys). So she was not very affectionate around me, since every time I approached her, she’d lurch back. Joy was a pain to deal with (ironic name, eh?), she chewed through furniture often, and was pretty noisy when strangers came around. So we returned her to the person who rescued her. We didn’t expect to keep Joy around forever anyway.

This week, my mom and I had gone to a Havdallah (end of the Sabbath) retreat at China Camp National Park. Although the signs said “dogs on leash,” we were pretty trusty of our dogs and let them run around a bit. They usually would just hop back into our car when they were done. Well… this time they didn’t. Joy, being the prankster, thought it was a game and would not come near the door of the car. Shadow would usually eagerly jump in, but today she was acting strange. Probably because we had put a muzzle on Joy earlier (to keep her from chewing up the car seats), that scared Shadow, so when we finally got Shadow in the car, I tried reaching back to pet her, and she bit one of my fingers. She had never bitten anyone before, so that was rather surprising to my mom and me. The next chance she got, Shadow dashed out of the car, and actually tried running away. Fortunately, I had my car along, so I followed Shadow along the side of the main road for about half a mile. She finally stopped, and had calmed down enough for me to pick her up. I got back to where my mom was trying to get Joy back in the car. After another half hour, she finally tired out and hopped back in. I drove Shadow back to my mom’s in my own car, since I didn’t want to risk having her jump out again and having to repeat the whole catastrophe. After that, my mom decided to never let them off leash in any parks again.

But now Joy is replaced with Tomi, sort of a pitbull mix with beige-black swirled fur (I forgot the actual name for the coat). I’ve only seen him once, but he’s very calm and a bit shy, but not scared of anyone. Looks like he’ll get along a bit better with everyone. My sister likes him, that’s what really matters.

Egh! Let’s see, here’s our weekly schedule…
Today I go to my sister’s play, a cabaret of sorts.
Tomorrow! I go to the east bay and watch Mikosi in Grease.
And the next day, it’s a week in New York with my mom’s family. I get to introduce my cousins to DDR, so that’s guaranteed fun. 😀

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