Annoying version:
Well my day pretty much kix0red. Started with everyone in the whole school seeing my sketch of WANG towering over the campus like some totalitarian leader. Seems he plastered up some signs of his own, spouting “got wang?” accompanied a picture of him with a milk moustache. I was just waiting the whole day for someone to draw a giant PENIS next to his mouth, destroying his whole advertising campaign. Heh. Maybe I’ll do that.
This stupid Russian kid in my Chemistry class, Ilya, keeps shooting “speetballss” at people (as he pronounces it). A few of my friends are going to drag his ass out after class and kick the living daylights out of him. Then we’ll shove the straw he uses up his… let’s continue.
After school finally ended, I was free to go wherever I pleased (having a car kicks everything’s ass), so I stopped off at the arcade for some DDR. Hell yes, I passed all six-footers. And the owner, being the great guy he is, treated me to a free game. Hell yes.
Well I believe I’ll make MIDIs for the rest of the day. I’ve got some damn serious catching up to do.

“No one cares” version:
I’ve learned to manage my time much more wisely recently. Considering the amounts of free time I have each day of the week, I’ve devised a corresponding schedule, provding adequate times for work and play. This way, my parents will have a greater appreciation of my initiative, and I won’t have to procrastinate, like I have in the past.
People around school have enjoyed some campaign posters I’ve made for my friend, John. He’s running for Senior Class President. Sharing these posters will earn me greater respect among my peers and superiors, enabling me to succeed socially and academically. I’m so glad that I can use my drawing talent for such a cause that will benefit my friends.
I’ve also decided to drink larger quantities of water, since I often find myself with a dry mouth. This will improve my performance in and out of class, as well as improve my physical shape, preparing me for a long summer of balanced activities, like jogging and internships.
Now I’ll complete my math assignment, which my teacher has begun to display online. Here is my school’s website, if in case you’re interested. See you later!

You-Go-Girl (YGG) Version:
OMG it was the besssssssst day today! ^_^ I drove to school in my cute lil’ car-car and I saw Ashley there and she was wearing such a cuuuute tank top with amazing heels! I was like “look at my website everyone” and they were sooooo amazed by it!! I think Brent smiled at me because of it!! (HE IS SUCH A HOTTIE) Jamie… you da’ girl! Your soooo good at track! OMG you should try out for the state competition or something! ^_^_^
I’m SUCH a good drawer. Joan is like so psyched about her president thingy and I made some cute drawings for him! OMG they’re sooo cute you HAVE to see them. It was like sooo cool to see everyone look at them and they’re saying stuff like “wow it looks just like Joan!@ It’s amazing!” Amanda, I hope you winn also! Go team! ^_^
So I was drinking Evian (for my complexion – I need face lotion sooo bad, I think I’ll go to Claire’s :D) and Paulina and Marcia were all like “wanna go to the arcade?” And I said no, it’s too dorky! Geeky dweeb nerds go there! But they said that there’s a dancing game! ^_^ So seeing how I’m such a hip-hop angel, it was soo cool because the nice guy there liked me so he let me play more!! I hope daddy doesn’t find out because he’ll freak and get mad! 🙁 But now I’m chatting on AIM with HipHopAngelDevill and Sk8erGod345 and they’re sooo nice. You should takl to them! They’re sooo nice.
Oh that’s the phone! I think Bebe is going to call about Brent! <3 <3 <3

Lamer Version:
stfu my day 0wned urs

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