Sunday was rather laid-back. Along with doing an SAT II practice test and all of my homework really early, I created a website for the chat room I frequent, #rpgcomics on irc.nightstar.net. I like the site design, but it doesn’t come up perfectly on Apple computers, or probably Netscape.

Check out the site here, and WATCH OUT FOR THOSE ADS! *crash*

I went for a real pixellated approach, so I used Silkscreen and Courier almost to a point of excess. But it’s fitting for something as simple as a chatroom. But even cooler, the whole website only has 4 documents. Although there are 7 buttons to different pages on the site, they actually just point to different locations on one page – and those locations are spread out horizontally, not vertically. Kicks a lot of ass, but still doesn’t look perfect on Apples.

Damn Mac users making it hard for designers. Soon Netscape 1.1 users will start to complain.

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