And just because my camera kicks so much ass, I have another photo gallery to present: Mario is Stoned presents (god I have to stop saying that) Jeffrey’s average day at school! By the way, because of the amazing flash capabilities of my camera, everyone I’ve shot looks really, really drunk.

My car – a 1991 Honda Accord LX. It kicks the ass.

Is even posting this picture legal?

The first picture-dodger of the day: this girl Ashley who all my friends follow around.

Evan, the artist, and Jeff, the pants enthusiast.

Evan gives the proper treatment to a frazzled Mike, who wears sunglasses indoors.

I often hang out with Jeff and 80’s Guy, who likes the 80’s and makes buttons, before and after school.

My choir gets ready to SING~! and Darren (left) smells something that I didn’t let out.

It’s break in the computer lab! I swing the camera towards Paul Chun and an angry computer lab supervisor, who advances to execute the final blow. (More Paul can be found here!)

James is at the computer… AS ALWAYS.

James shows off buttons he requested from 80’s Guy: “They misunderestimated me,” “I believe you have my stapler,” and “CANADA!”

Tiya, the resident anime artist, who should be drawing my comic right now. 😛

DAMN! Mark Lee dodges the camera! I’ll get you yet! (More Mark Lee can be found here, here, and here.)

Bradx0r, the Canadian who enjoys Final Fantasy. James is interested in his sister.

Asya, who I’ve known for a while. Unfortunately, she hangs out with Felix the British Ladies’ Man, who intends to get her in the sack.

Mark leaves the lab. I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!

My school burns down! You can see Paul enjoying the fire drill in a white sweatshirt, Mark to the right of him avoiding the camera in a gray sweatshirt, and James and Steve (who needs no introduction) in the distance on the right.

Adam the Stoner declines to show his face. It’s all good.

Simeon informs me that what I’m doing is illegal.

An AWFUL turnout at my Japanese Animated Movie club. Chip, center, wants to give you cunnilingus.

I settle with a profile shot of Mark in Chemistry.

Good bye, Terra Linda… I’ll miss you…

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