It’s a busy Sat’day! It started off with the usual Japanese class. We learned how to say “I don’t like to scale buildings and shoot webs from my wrist with my friend Tanaka-san,” and I had pennies thrown at me by resident anime fans.

Those anime fans, along with Prinzess PMS, along with Batjew, along with Greg Dean, all went to Fanime 2002, whilst I was stuck in my Japanese class learning how to make katanas out of origami.

But I showed them! After Japanese, and a shot of Rockstar, I was off to the new arcade James and I had discovered on Fourth Street, downtown San Rafael. It’s called “Star Base 1,” and it recently celebrated its 20th birthday (hence the cheesy name). It’s got a hell of a lot of great games, including Tekken 4 and Tag, Aliens vs. Predator (Capcom), BAD DUDES VS. DRAGON NINJA (not), and of course, Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix Plus!

For only 25 cents a dance (75 cents a game), James, his friend Hayato, and I danced our asses off for 2 hours straight. Amazingly enough, even though Hayato Wong is half Japanese and half Chinese (making the ULTIMATE ASIAN), James was even better than him at DDR. A picture gallery (mostly of James – bleah! :P) for your enjoyment:

Hayato and James start off.

Not sure what song it is, but according to the bar, they must really be sucking.

While Hayato is great, James is GODLY. Er, perfect.

James begins to break a sweat!

James goes wacky with the camera and shoots me playing “Have You Never Been Mellow” (not).

Trick! Yet again, while Hayato is “PERFECT!” James is “PERFECT!

“Duaaah… I step on the buttons.”

An amazing 4-step combo!

James, bathed in sweat, chooses from a million remixes of “Paranoia.”

Hayato takes a break, and learns to breathe again.

“He’s a MANIAC, MANIAC, on the pad.”

James’s lucky number.

My camera has a really fast shutter, but trust me: James is breaking the speed limit with his feet.


James goes Double.

Wow. My camera, like, kicks a lot of ass.

Tee-hee… a 0-combo.


James starts off on Non-Stop Mode, has written a will.

A momentary rest between songs…

Sweaty backs are the style this month.


The owner of the arcade, once a devious youth like us, adjusts the bass and does a little dance.
So that was like the best way EVER to spend a Saturday afternoon. After that, I was very uptight, and a shower was so relaxing! (I did it! A River City Ransom reference!)

I went with my mom to this church, where the “Field of Dogs,” and organization that owns a field… for dogs… had a meeting. My mom gave them some moneys because like all free organizations, they’re eternally financially strapped.

Then it was off to Dominican University, a nearby private school, to watch their orchestra and choir sing Mozart’s “Mass,” and “Requiem” by John… Sutter or something. There are too many composers out there named John.

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