My parents are going to LOVE me.

It was a regular day in Advanced Algebra land. My teacher, furious as always, was going through her daily rounds of “YOU KIDS! IF YOU DON’T STOP TALKING THERE’LL BE A QUIZ!”

It was just then that I noticed… even roots in ratios in geometric sequences can be both positive and negative!

My teacher’s massive stomach, still heaving from her previous outburst, slowly came to a stop, as the expression on her face changed into an ominous grin.

“Jeffrey, please see me at my desk. Now.”

Most students in this situation would receieve gasps and other expressions of horror from the classmates around him. He was in for at least 3 days suspension, or even expulsion. Me, on the other hand – I don’t speak out much in class, so I’m considered the teachers’ pet, since when I do talk, it’s a correct, complex statement delving deeper into the subject we’re studying. So people just gave me dirty looks.

They were right in doing so, since my teacher had a surprise. Not enough people had signed up for Honors Pre-Calculus for next year, and

THERE YOU HAVE IT! I’ve been instantly admitted into Honors Pre-Calc without having to take any admission tests at all. When my parents hear the news, they’ll be sure to exclaim, “Jeffrey, we knew you could do it! Now about Chemistry. Get to studying. NOW.”

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