All right then… you can still see the Pants Trance Dance if you missed it. I actually made that a long time ago and had to restrain myself from showing anyone. It was hard. Well, actually, the people of Bouncy Fish took a peek at it, but I should let them brag about it. And James saw it too. Whatever.

Before I start on my obligatory Chemical Brothers/Sasha/Digweed/Paul Oakenfold/Pete Tong concert recap, let me give you a short summary of my fellow travelers:
James – It’s James! He’s mellow, tall, looks nerdy (w/ glasses and freckles), stutters, and runs really fast. He owns the Midgar Swamp.
Felix – A British ladies’ man born on the same day as I was. Known in my inner circle as the “other guy” from Midgard Supposedly gets a lot of tail.
Steve – Currently in a Matrix phase, Steve came to the concert dressed as a mix of Neo and Max Payne. Of course, he always dresses like that.

Now let’s see. We all met at San Rafael High School (our rival high school) where James was kicking ass in a track meet. Steve, Felix and I exchanged numbers since we all brought cell phones and PDA’s, being the major techies we are. James got 5th or something in the 2-mile, and we were on our way.

After eating crap at McDonald’s (which I haven’t done in years), we arrived at the Cow Palace. We didn’t have to wait on any big lines, but they had a hell of a time searching Steve since he was wearing a leather trenchcoat. No cameras, cigarettes, or of course drugs were allowed in the Cow Palace, but that didn’t stop anyone from bringing them in and using them in front of the security guards all night.

This was my first electronica concert, so I didn’t know what to expect. What it turned out to be was a giant rave, with your run-of-the-mill candy raverZ with their beaded necklaces, tank-tops (men too), and pacifiers. And yes, they asked us a lot for water. We stuck together pretty much the whole night, and sometimes went up into the bleachers to rest our legs. We didn’t dance, per se, but we jumped and shouted when we needed to. Steve stayed on the dance floor pretty much all night, so my cell phone came into use when I had to call him from the bleachers (not that we could hear each other).

And the music? Pretty damn good the whole way through. The concert was from 7 PM to 2 AM, and we were there for 5 out of those 7 hours, so I believe we may have missed Sasha and Digweed. But we did see the Chemical Brothers put on one fantabulous performance. At one time, James and I got up to the very front of the crowd to watch the current DJ do his duty. I think that at this time, James was completely stoned from some second hand smoke of some powerful marijuana, because he kept asking me where everyone else was. He’ll argue this as he has been doing, but still I think that some of the drug usage there influenced him. I believe this concert was to signify the end of all the artists’ tours, so the Chemical Brothers went all out with a light show, great mixes of their songs, and one wild crowd. Paul “Perfecto” Oakenfold came up afterwards, and he… uh… sucked. He didn’t mix his own music most of the time, and his lightshow consisted of some music video repeating itself in the background. His performance drove us to shout “Oakenfold, show us your titties!” and then to leave. Well, it was time to go anyway.

As my first rave, it was pretty damn fun. And I got home before 2 AM so I’m not completely tired today. This day being the first day that I wear shorts.

Speaking about today, I bought Metropolis, and chocolate mints. I plan to watch Metropolis, and eat the mints. Not the other way around if there’s any confusion.

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