Yes, I actually wore this to school today. And yes, I got lots of dirty looks from nonbelievers. And yes, almost all of my posters were RIPPED DOWN. (All they did was promote universal love and peace with the message “HAPPY PANTS DAY!!!”… jeez!) But I still had fun today. In this picture, I’m wearing four, count ’em, FOUR pairs of pants. And the buttons, commissioned by my friend 80’s Guy, say “Happy Pants Day.”
Axer got himself some space in this blog for showing me Raver Pants. I’ll be sure to sing this to and from the event we’re going to today.

I mentioned it before, but James, Steve, Felix and I are going to


…er, sorry. We’re going to a giant mufukkin’ concert at the San Francisco Cow Palace with the Chemical Brothers, Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, and more. It’ll be amazing if no one dies. I gotta give a shout out to James’s mom (Word to your mother!) for offering to drive us in both directions. I guess she’s glad that we (at least I) paid her back $40 for going to this thing. Yes, it’s rather expensive to see these guys. But it’ll be worth it. It’ll be THE PANTS TRANCE DANCE.

Oh yes, and other people did pants things as well. My friend Jeff wore a Levis Hard Jeans shirt and crossed out “Hard Jeans” and wrote PANTS on the shirt for some reason. And he wore pants with buttons all over them. And my friend Simeon wore two pairs of pants (but that’s because he’s a big fellow, and the first ones have a rip in them, so he has pants under them). And even though 80’s Guy didn’t wear pants, he gets credit for making me those Pants Day buttons.

What did YOU do on pants day?

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