The most surreal thing in recent memory just happened to me.

Our cat Backup (namesake) has been puking a bit for the past few days, which worried us, because all we changed about his diet was trying some new pet food we got from a friend. We stopped giving it to him, but he kept puking, and he started to take his time eating his morning dry food, only eating his evening wet food regularly.
Today I came home and he had barely eaten any dry food, and there was some puke around (some on my Swimp hoodie 🙁 ), but the cat seemed pretty calm, greeting me and sitting on me. Regardless, I called a pet hospital and decided to bring him over as a walk-in when Anna got home (I can’t drive, my hand’s still busted).
About half an hour later, Backup started to gag and puked up a bit on the floor. I came over to him and put my hand on his back, I felt him tense up, he gave out a low moan, and a gigantic clump of elastic hair ties shot out of his mouth.
There must have been at least ten of them. It was ridiculous. I can’t believe something that enormous could fit in a cat’s stomach… makes sense why he was passing up his dry food. We knew he loved playing with Anna’s hair ties, but were completely unaware that he was swallowing them. They could have been in there for months. Doing a quick search, this might be kind of a common situation with cats.
Sssoooo… I think we’re good now. The cat seems calm enough. I expect his appetite to return shortly. Problem… solved?
Bonus photo! Click here for a gruesome hair tie regurgitation bonanza!

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