Broke some more bones!

me with bonez
Thought I’d give the longer story here since so many people are curious.
Didn’t get hit by a car this time, but it happened on my bike. I hung a reusable bag on my handlebars and put my U-lock in it, and while riding down a hill the bag swung into my front tire and halted the bike. I flew forward and landed on my face and hands, breaking my right ring and pinky fingers, and fracturing the side of my right hand and a wrist bone.
Anna drove me to the ER and it was plain I got a concussion because I don’t remember the majority of the ride there. But things are fine. No head damage beyond the stitches on my chin and the scrape on my face. Going to see an orthopedist today about replacing my splint with a cast. Still won’t be able to do most two-handed things, I gather, but I’ll just take it slow. Got some pain meds; they work.
Anna has been wonderful as always, hanging out with me this first day and just helping me do what I need to do.

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