Lost In the Internet

(Originally written in 1996.)
“It’s coming down on me! It’s, it’s- AHHHH!!!-” I woke up. I was gasping. I looked at my clock. “8:45!? I’m late for school!”
Before I knew it, I was out the door running.
My school is Weibel. I’m in 5th grade! My teacher is Mrs. Locklan. As I opened the door, everyone looked at me. They were checking homework. Homework! I forgot to pack my backpack.
“And Jeffrey? Jeffrey?” Mrs Locklan asked.
“I forgot,” I murmured.
“That will be inside lunch recess for you,” she quickly stated.
My name is Jeffrey Faden. I’m nine years old. I love computers.
Speaking about computers, that afternoon, we had a computer lab.
I started my computer. We started the Internet.
Just then, I felt a sucking feeling coming from the computer. It was sucking me in!
“Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!”
Total darkness.
“Wh-where-where am I-I?” I mumbled.
“You are on Netcom Avenue,” someone replied while I discovered it was late evening.
“Who are you?”
“I am Mr. Http.”
“Wait a minute! Isn’t that part of an internet adress?”
“Got to go! Here’s my card. So long!” Before he went, he whispered something to me.
On the card, it said:

Name: Baud Http
Adress: http:http.html
Zip: 11101001101
Occupation: Server
If you need any help, fax me at 423-8886.

“Talk about weirdness!” I exclaimed.
I heard a yell. I saw a flash.
“Simeon?” Simeon is someone in my class. “What are you doing here?”
“What are you┬ádoing here, Jeffrey?”
We saw a sign. The sign said, “WELCOME TO THE WORLD WIDE WEB. Population: 10001011101”.
“The World Wide Web! That’s an Internet server!” I stated.
“The Internet! That’s where we are!”
“???” I asked.
We took a cab on the Information Superhighway to a strang place. I faxed Mr. Http a question:
“Where are we? What should we do?”
He faxed me back:
“You are in Modemsville. Go see Mr. Megabyte.”
I looked in the Net Search (what did you expect in the internet? The phone book?).
“There’s no Mr. Megabyte, but there is a Dr. Gigabyte.” Simeon said.
“Okay, let’s try him.”
“His address is http://modemsville/gigabyte.com. Oh! That’s his house right there!”
“Funky house!” I exclaimed.
“Let’s go!”
We clicked the doorbell. We didn’t hear anything. We knocked. No answer.
“Let’s just go in. The door’s unlocked,” Simeon shrugged.
I opened the door. It was really dark in there! “Let’s go, Simeon.”
Inside, I could see nothing. Suddenly, the lights flashed on. So suddenly that action scared the living laydights out of me!
“Who is th-ere?”
“It is I, Dr Gigabyte.” sneered a voice.
I saw a bald-headed man in a white suit. He had a lightning bold-like mustache with gray hair around the side.
“What do you want?” hissed the voice.
“We just want to go home!” we whimpered together.
“Do you know what happened to the last people that wanted to go home with Dr. Gigabyte?” he scoffed. “They were erased!” he thundered, and his hands turned white with little sparks flashing around them.
Voom! Lightning bolts shot from his electric hands toward us! We dodged and they missed us. The place where they hit turned black.
“Simeon!” I yelled. “Go into the basement! On the circut panel, press the big red button!”
While he went, I kept scampering from the lightning bolts.
Suddenly, I heard a loud click. Everything turned wavy. Then, I felt like I was going right through a transparent wall. I saw the computer lab. I was there. Everyone stared as if I was an alien.
Simeon appeared. Everybody did the same thing.
When my mom came to pick me up from school, she asked, “What did you do at school today?”
“Nuthin’,” I mumbled.
The End

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