I’ve been told recently, by a few people, that I get sort of verbose when I talk. I run on, I can’t convey stuff concisely, and that I can even get pretty boring. I actually was never aware of that until recently, and I still don’t completely believe it, but there you go.
It’s especially interesting, because I tend to be extremely concise when I write. My essays tend to be shorter than most people’s. I can’t blog for paragraphs upon paragraphs. Ironically, I start to lose interest in whatever I’m saying if I go on for too long.
But yeah, has anyone else noticed that about me? Is that something I should be working to fix? I think I’ll be more aware of it in the future, but right now, like I said, I don’t know exactly what my problem is, if any. It’s been suggested by my mom that I try to join Toastmasters International and see if that helps.
Huh, well there you go.


  1. I have always thought this. I’m sorry I’m posting anonymously, but uh, well, yeah.
    You seem to speak about inane subjects, or comment on how something is funny that… isn’t funny. I often wonder what you’re actually trying to say.
    It’s not a comment on your character, just your method of speech.

    1. See this sort of thing isn’t helpful. It’s a repeat of what I already said in my post. The reason I asked if people agree is so I can base their claims on how I know them, and what I might have said, and what I might have talked about.
      I have a feeling this might be related to the SSU, though, because that’s one place where I heard this sort of remark.

  2. I always thought you were pretty concise in speech. Or, not necessarily concise per se, but certainly not unwarrantedly verbose.
    So, uh, no, I’ve never noticed that.

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