12 thoughts on “Awesomelinks #51”

    1. Maybe I should… I’m leaving on Wednesday of next week though, so it would have to be pretty soon or during the weekend before finals. Agh.
      I will form an exploratory committee!

        1. You know what – one thing I am doing is coming back after Spring Break and going to Sakuracon that weekend. But I was thinking I could throw some parties at the apartment that weekend as well. I think that’s what I’ll do! It will give me more time to plan, too – and I hope everyone isn’t coming back like on Sunday night to start the quarter.

          1. ….While I realized you mentioned going to Sakuracon before…it just hit me right now. (And if you want to know what if feels like when it hits you…there is twitching. Lots of twitching.)
            And you might want to ask around when the people you want are coming back, before deciding anything. It’s likely I’m getting here Sunday afternoon, but I don’t know how typical that is…

            1. TBH I don’t really know what I would be doing at Sakuracon since I haven’t been a fan of anime since high school. At the con in the Bay Area I just usually party in a hotel nonstop for an entire weekend with my friends. But since Sakuracon’s so close to the U-District I think there will be one or two days of awkward walking around and buying Calpis because it sounds like “cow piss” and then going home.

                    1. I understand, tease away!
                      But I just realized there’ll probably be like a million Wiis and everyone is going to be playing Brawl. Sakuracon’s got its share of PAX-ness too!

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