So here I am in the new studio room of my Dad’s house! His house has a room under the garage and it’s been in a state of disrepair (and mildew) since we moved in 12 years ago. The room was completely demolished and rebuilt into a great Feldenkrais studio for my stepmom, and a guest room when all the other guest rooms (soon to be 2 when my sister moves to NYU) are taken.
The first few days were spent with my Mom! We went movie watching and late Hanukkah celebrating and I even sat in on one of my mom’s middle school classes full of horrible 8th graders. I got to teach basic linguistic syntax to the few who paid a semblance of attention! For my sister and my birthday, she brought us to Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZÅ, which was ASTOUNDING. For seriously. Cirque does not disappoint.
Next up was a quick stop off at a LAN party at the house of my friends from elementary school, Simeon and Jeff. A lot of old-timey friends were there, and it was great to see them. Got to stay there overnight, so I could pick up a few people for
My birthday party! As expected, it rocked the house. I didn’t expect everyone who RSVP’d to come, but they all did, plus a few special guests. Exciting! Most of the party was spent cooking, which was the plan. Paolo and Beau helped out tremendously in the food department. Dishes served were baked ziti, meatballs, fried chicken, garden salad by Beau, and crème brûlée. Plus appetizers and many a drank. Toppped off with some Mario Galaxy and Portal on the big screen. Enjoyment was had by all! I am glad everyone could come.
And finally today is Christmas! I got a modest haul – waterproof hiking boots, rain jacket, some moneys (to offset just a bit of tuition spending on my part), ganache from my sister, and my BA diploma all framed up! (This is my first time home since it was sent to my Dad’s, so it was a good gift!) Tonight we’re having our annual Christmas dinner with some family friends, and then Mom picks me up so we can
Go to Yosemite tomorrow! We’re taking a bus and staying there for three days. Snow shoeing, sightseeing, etc. It should be fun; I haven’t been there in a few years. We’ll be back on the 29th.
Oh also tomorrow is my birthday! I changed my birthdate on Facebook to see who would actually remember instead of just being reminded! That sounds kind of sort of mean to “test” my friends but hey it’s not a big deal. I won’t be around until a few days later to receive the birthday wishes and I’ve already had my birthday, sooo yeah!
Heading back to Seattle on the 4th. Between that all I’ve got planned is going to a New Year’s party with James and Paolo and the gang. Let’s hang out?!


  1. happy real birthday tomorrow and also i’m going to see kooza too, i’m glad you thought it was good. merry christmas and i’m glad to hear you’re having good times back in the home state!

    1. by the way that was from me – chironsoldier/laura, i just forgot my password and i’m too lazy to get on my laptop and login.

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