So today I was feeling really down in the dumps because Shiranne and I broke up so I felt like going and getting myself some bubble tea to make myself feel better and so I got it and then I set it on an ATM and then it fell and the cup shattered and I got really distraught and felt like screaming!!!


  1. Love the current music. Its inclusion makes me curious. Are you still feeling blue? Or has that one special person appeared and turned your frown -and your life- upside down?
    This December Scarlett Johansen, Jeffrey Faden, Joan Cusack, Dane Cook and Sir Anthony Hopkins. In. Another Romcom.

  2. My first instinct is to say, “That sucks” (because it does). But it’s perhaps better not to dwell on it. You can always get a second cup of bubble tea (aka, life goes on).

    1. Well yeah. Stepping away from the metaphorical, it’s 3 bucks. What sucked is that I left my house to cool off and take my mind off things and it sort of went to hell and then I had to walk back thinking that I just wasted my time and money.
      While it’s not fun, the emotional outburst was satisfying! I don’t get those too often.

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