A thought

Many friends means low standards.
Discuss. (disclaimer: the aforementioned thought may not relfect the views of Jeffrey.)


  1. I keep a small number friends, but I think it’s a combination of standards on my part and the fact that I’m often difficult to get along with!
    You’re my friend Jeffrey!!!

    1. Yeah, I think that’s the strongest argument that I could think of. What’s wrong with low standards? You’re more likely to get killed or something while having a good time because one of your friends is more likely to be an axe murderer?
      I don’t want to call low standards a by-product of high self-esteem, though – I mean, it sounds like quite the opposite – but being able to get along with a wide variety of people shouldn’t necessarily mean you have no taste in people.

  2. That statement has too many open definitions
    Friends – Does this include acquaintances?
    low – is there a bright line for standards?
    Standards – who’s standards? Clearly not the mentioned person.
    Overall, are low standards detrimental? Surely having lots of friends has plenty of advantages.
    The statement seems to imply that you cannot have quantity and maintain quality, this is false.
    Is the reflexive true – low standards equal many friends? I’d think not, so a person with many friends and low standards must still have some redeeming features that enable them to have many friends. Again, this bites the definition of friend though.
    In personal experience, of which none of the above was referring to, I keep a close group of friends, and know a lot of people. The trick is to never let anyone know who’s your close friend and who’s just a friend. Hahahahahaha. /me goes and cries.

  3. Often, but there are exceptions.
    Also, people with many friends are generally spread too thin and thus have a difficult time forming more meaningful relationships. I prefer to be very close to one or two people than to surround myself with a group of superficial people.

  4. blah blah relative blah is low bad blah blah what kind of friend blah blah blah
    but this made me think of the opposite, like, does having few friends mean you have high standards? because what about extremely obnoxious people who love everyone and try to make friends with everyone but they just suck so bad that no matter how hard they try they still don’t have a lot of friends? or maybe having few friends forces you to develop high standards to justify the fact that you have too few friends so it is true? haha that makes no sense
    anyway i think it’s totally true but i mean who cares right. i imagine most people go through phases where they are more open or less open to different kinds of people and yeah, as a result, they usually have more or less friends.
    keep up the good thoughts!

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