Okay before I start, why does anyone like the Knife? They’re pretentious as fuck and the music sucks ass. I realize how pretentious and ass-sucking I sound by saying this. But am I missing something?
These past few days have been eventful! I mentioned all this stuff in the past few blogs but I might as well recap a bit.
I took a break from the usual routine of a bit of web design and gardening now and then by taking a trip to Los Angeles with Hannah and crew. I was only there two nights but it’s the longest I’d ever spent there – it wasn’t as unpleasant as I thought it’d be. She and I did a lot of walking and some bussing, and everything worked out well. We ate some great Japanese and Thai, and the concert (we went to LA because of Beau’s band playing) was intensely enjoyable. I sold some o’ their CDs and had to pretend as if I knew anything about Cambodian Living Arts.
Then the next day was Junior Senior with Paolo in the city. Coincidentally, the venue was just across the street from where my mom owns an apartment (so maybe we could have parked there), but parking wasn’t a problem. There was much dancing to be had, and we even saw Will and Derek and Mari so that was neat too. Junior Senior was great live! Obviously a lot more energetic (and louder). A very good experience – I hope to get into the music scene once in Seattle and hope every time’s like that one.
And today was Marin Shakespeare’s Henry IV, pt. 1. Sat with Sophie‘s family, who we saw by coincidence. My mom got a Bard’s Pass (8 tickets for $22 each), so we’ve been to two plays so far – the Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) and this one – and we’ll probably see Henry IV, pt. 2 next week.
I totally jumped the gun and signed up for a class (Calculus I) at NSCC without realizing that paying the tuition would clean out my bank account. I’ve got $30 in there right now, uugh. It’ll be remedied within the next day or so, but let’s just hope that AT&T doesn’t charge me or anything… oh, well, it’s actually not too big a deal since I think my savings account provides overdraft protection. Yay.
That’s about it! I should head to bed so I can wake up and welcome Shiranne out of Shabbat-land!

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