I am in Los Angeles with Hannah and Beau and his band! We drove down yesterday really quick-like and arrived on Santa Monica Blvd. It is the gayest place in the world! Eat your heart out to the max, Castro.

Any-ways we went and got some really cheap but actually amazingly good Japanese food last night and I dunno we were walking around a lot too. This evening we’re seeing Beau’s band perform at the Knitting Factory and tomorrow we’ll just be heading back up to the Bay Area.

This post sucked because I was distracted watching Cartoon Network in the hotel room! Goodbye.

New songo

Here’s my first finished song in a while! I started making it at Paolo’s house today during a sweet-ass Reason-usin’ meetup, where Ryan, Holland, Quincy and I dropped some phat beatz and ate some delicious barbecue.
I used vocoder in this song – the first time any of my songs have had lyrics. I recited them myself, taken from my pal Noser’s brain dump. I like it! Energetic stuff is my sort of thing. Take a listen.


So I got this pilonidal cyst!

This means that I have a small sinus leading from the bottom of my spinal cord to the beginning of my buttock cleavage, and it’s got a little bump there. I’ve had it for about two years, actually – just a bump that I thought would eventually go away, but it seems that surgery is often needed to get rid of it completely.

I found this out by going to the dermatologist a few days ago. Coincidentally, on that day for the first time, the sinus got infected and an abscess formed – basically a giant pimple right at the top of my butt. It was a world of pain for the last few days as it just grew and prevented me from sitting in a reclining position, until last night, when my dog woke me up and I noticed there was some fluid around the area.

Turns out that the abscess overflowed and was draining itself – a nice, bloody pus that continuously poured from the area for about 12 hours. Fortunately my dog was being an asshole and woke me up every few hours, which was time enough for me to soak it all up, take a quick shower to clean the area, and apply another band-aid. And now it’s pretty much drained and I can go about my life not feeling horrible every time I take a step, or sit.

So although the abscess is leaving, the cyst still remains, and it’s probably something I need to get removed some time soon. It’s not a big priority – I mean as long as it’s not infected, it doesn’t hurt too much, as long as I don’t sit on it (by doing sit-ups or something). But it might stick around for decades, so it’s better to go through surgery to get it removed sooner than later.

Congratulations if you read through this entire disgusting story!


You know I thought that with OutKast’s song Love Hater, Andre 3000 said “Everybody needs a glass of water today / to chase the Haterade” but he actually just said “hate away.”

But doesn’t my interpretation make so much sense!!!???

(ugh I was going to bed but I couldn’t sleep until I found out whether he was saying Haterade or not, good night.)

Last month in California

So yeap. Back from Israel, plane ride home was good. Last few days with Shiranne were a lot better than I expected – sure, there were tears, but there were also HOPES! and DREAMS!!! We are totally rocking the long-distance relationship thing and we wholeheartedly embrace the naivety of the situation.

I found a place to live in Seattle! I originally thought I was going to be placed in one of the University of Washington housing structures, which are a little expensive to live in but offer stuff like closeness to campus, a gym, University-speed Internet, etc… but I found a cheaper place with three other guys, just a few blocks away from the entrance to campus. I think it’s going to be fun!

Even though classes start in late September, I’m moving up to Seattle at the end of August since my lease starts September 1st and goes for 9 months. This’ll be my first time paying for my own place, and being so far away from home. I also gotta pay for all the furniture in my room and the like, but I’ll take care of that when I get there. One thing I’m doing after I’m all settled in is selling my car, since I think it’ll be more of a hassle than a convenience. Time to learn the life of a city boy.

For the rest of the month I’m here in Marin, doing random stuff. I still have one client I’m developing a site for, and I’m helping my mom with her site as well, and even doing some gardening at her old house. So I’ll be making money, but probably just enough to spend on food up until I head to Seattle.

That’s the update for today! Today was spent completely re-creating Air’s “J’ai dormi sous l’eau” in Reason – or at least getting half-way through. After that it starts getting all trippy and difficult and I have to spend a lot of time creating synthesizers from scratch. But I’m still chipping away at it. Why am I doing this? Practice, I guess – learning how to use Reason better, keeping my ear well-trained, etc.

As usual, if anyone in the Bay Area has awesome things that are happening this month, do feel free to mention as I’m often quite free.