Last month in California

So yeap. Back from Israel, plane ride home was good. Last few days with Shiranne were a lot better than I expected – sure, there were tears, but there were also HOPES! and DREAMS!!! We are totally rocking the long-distance relationship thing and we wholeheartedly embrace the naivety of the situation.
I found a place to live in Seattle! I originally thought I was going to be placed in one of the University of Washington housing structures, which are a little expensive to live in but offer stuff like closeness to campus, a gym, University-speed Internet, etc… but I found a cheaper place with three other guys, just a few blocks away from the entrance to campus. I think it’s going to be fun!
Even though classes start in late September, I’m moving up to Seattle at the end of August since my lease starts September 1st and goes for 9 months. This’ll be my first time paying for my own place, and being so far away from home. I also gotta pay for all the furniture in my room and the like, but I’ll take care of that when I get there. One thing I’m doing after I’m all settled in is selling my car, since I think it’ll be more of a hassle than a convenience. Time to learn the life of a city boy.
For the rest of the month I’m here in Marin, doing random stuff. I still have one client I’m developing a site for, and I’m helping my mom with her site as well, and even doing some gardening at her old house. So I’ll be making money, but probably just enough to spend on food up until I head to Seattle.
That’s the update for today! Today was spent completely re-creating Air’s “J’ai dormi sous l’eau” in Reason – or at least getting half-way through. After that it starts getting all trippy and difficult and I have to spend a lot of time creating synthesizers from scratch. But I’m still chipping away at it. Why am I doing this? Practice, I guess – learning how to use Reason better, keeping my ear well-trained, etc.
As usual, if anyone in the Bay Area has awesome things that are happening this month, do feel free to mention as I’m often quite free.


  1. Beach on the 9th sounds good! I’ll talk to you later about that, you know, like what beach and everything.
    As for LA on the 14th, is that a road trip or something? Are you staying down there for a few days? I might be up for it but I need more details and the like.

  2. When you going up to Seattle? I’m going up there from the 23rd through the 27th for Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). I’m hoping to wander around the city and find the first Starbucks. Preferably with my iPhone.

    1. Funny you asked, a friend of mine asked the same thing.
      I’m thinking about PAX. It means moving up a few days early and then staying at a friend’s, or something, but it sort of makes sense. And a friend from Oakland already has a space in his room which he says I could take.
      Might make sense!! I’ll keep you updated.

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