Jury Duty

So I’m using a kiosk in the Marin County Civic Center, in the jury duty waiting room. Exciting! I have never done jury duty before – I was always excused because I lived too far from home.
But that brings me to my next point – I have graduated! I am no longer at UCSC and the graduation ceremony was quite nice. Peep some pics my mom took here.
The ceremony was preceded and followed by two nights of fine dining in Santa Cruz – one night with my dad and stepmom at a California restaurant called Theo’s in Capitola, and another with all three of my parents and Lily at an Italian restaurant called Star Bene. It was all very good times. My mom got me a big ol’ cook book that I am definitely going to use like every day this summer, and my sister got me a bag o’ Kisses. 😀
I think the fact that I’m not living in Santa Cruz anymore hasn’t really kicked in just yet, but I’m jumping into summer in full swing. Actually… I take that back. Although I’m already settled in and my room at Dad’s is my new high-tech headquarters, I’m unemployed. So I’m checking craigslist at any opportunity I get, and looking for short-term computer gigs. Not sure if it’s the best way of going about this, but I am getting replies – and my resume and portfolio certainly help.
Okay the jury duty lady is totally speaking right now so I should go bye!

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