JeffreyAtW Vlog 97
– Steve Sutton.
– I talk about him for a while, jeez.
– Google Maps’ 3D shit is awesome!
– How’s Your News?
– Paper Mario: TTYD
– Gamecube games vs. Wii games.
– Fall quarter awful shit.


  1. Don’t diss steve!
    not only does he have the most phenomenally banal posts, he also has one of the least well-crafted CGI series in existence (“Clover Beach”) which he uses as a vehicle for his phenomenally banal opinions (he’s against fundamentalist Christians). The animation itself isn’t even all that terrible, considering, but it’s soooooo dammmnnn slowwwwwwww. and he voices almost all the characters, including girls, and he is not a talented voice actor.
    i watch every single thing he posts.

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