New Portschmolio

Portfolio 2007

Sup so this past week I’ve been pouring way too much time into making this portfolio! I think it is really cool because you can zoom in by clicking on stuff and zoom out by clicking on the borders. Tell me what you think! I can still change anything if you have any gripes or find any problems.

Getting more technical – nothing happens on the Timeline, besides layers. All movements and other actions are programmed through ActionScript. Furthermore, each item is dynamically loaded through XML so I can easily update it if I need to. Lastly, one cool trick I did was to have thumbnails load when you first load it up, and larger images to load afterwards. When you click on the thumbnails, they fade into the larger images so there’s minimal blockiness or nearest-neighbor pixelation. You can take a look at the source if you’d like.

7 thoughts on “New Portschmolio”

  1. I like the zoomies but from the index all there is is mystery meat navigation. After I click it’s sorta apparent that the dialog bubble means comics but before I click I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.
    Also, if you click on “Jeffrey Carl Faden” then there’s no clear way to go back to the original state (with just the name and three boxes). Is there a way?

    1. Yeah, it is a little confusing right when you start out. I’m not sure if that’s a totally bad thing, but I was thinking I might have a little mouseover that showed the name… not sure.
      And no, not really, you can’t go back unless you click on one of the boxes then click out of that. I guess I can make it so my name brings you back to the main thing.

  2. Very visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and overall quite professional. I was almost expecting Wii sounds while navigating the menus.
    One tiny note: the second song’s title appears to be missing the word “Dentist”.

  3. looks cool and stuff but the navigation is hopelessly confusing. if you weren’t my buddy I woulda given up — the clicking on the border to go back thing is very mysterious.

  4. oh dude i thought it was aWESOME and not confusing and stuff
    but as discussed above, try to make it so that there’s a normal way to get out of the your name part without pressing on the other boxes
    but overall in my very professional opinion you get an A+++++++!!!!!

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