I think I might sell my Coachella tickets. Yes, right, I said that it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing that I wouldn’t want to miss etc. etc. but my ride’s gone and I don’t have any other way of getting down there.
And even if I do go down there, I don’t have any friends who are doing so as well. Seriously, even the best show in the world can be boring without people to celebrate it with.
Guess I’ll post just to see if anyone else is going and/or driving down there, although it’s not very likely.
oh also if I sell the tickets on eBay, when you do you think is the best time to do it? Should I sell them closer to the event time, or do it now? Right now the tickets are selling for a buttload, like twice as much as they cost. Would that raise later down the road?
okay I put them up for auction.


  1. I talked to my friend in Kresge who was planning to drive down, and let her know that you needed a ride, at which point she told me that she’s moving to San Diego after this quarter. wtf. But, I tried.
    I haven’t sold mine yet either, I’ve been watching the prices on eBay for the last week or so. On average, they’re selling for about $50 less each day… I think I’m waiting to see them go back up as the event gets closer, which is a plan I really hope doesn’t backfire on me. Then again, if they continue to lower at that rate, I’ll be able to afford some camping passes.
    I feel really bad about not being able to give you a ride. I would try the Coachella rideshare forum (there is one, right?). as well as asking at UCSC… I mean, there have to be people who are going.

    1. Yeah, I bet there are rideshare forums and all… but I’m having second thoughts about just heading down there with anyone. I’m sure someone else from UCSC is going but I’m not really known to enjoy a good party with random people. That’s why I’d probably rather just get the extra money instead of go down there if no one I really know will be there.
      I’ll check out Coachella forums to see what would be the best time to sell the tickets.

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