JeffreyAtW Vlog 1
Pardon the sound quality!


  1. dude that was rad man, i enjoyed your tangent on lighting, i should probably look/think about that too. i have rainbox six vegas albeit for the 360, and it’s not until shadowrun that they’ll be supporting PC/360 interplay.

  2. You know, your voice sounds totally different from that video where you were running around in boxers. This vlog makes you appear in a whole new light! You now actually seem like a nice person now! :0 Also, after getting used to it, the (non-existens) hair isn’t so bad after all, too! YAY vlogs!

  3. god this is soo annoying!!! i was totally going to start vlogging and only be copycatting paolo but now you started it too so it’ll look like i’m copycatting you! i hate you ugh
    ps good on the lighting, it so matters

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