JeffreyAtW Vlog 4


  1. I think the focus of the camera should be a bit more down, so your nose and not your eyes are in the center?! And hey, there’s music now! It should change in a dramatic way with what you’re saying, like: for phonology I have to write about pitch-accents, dum-dum-DUUUM! or something! Also, and you have good cheekbones and an amusing eyebrow!

  2. yes, you have to watch it.
    although, to be honest, this episode of Heroes seemed to lack the depth of the other episodes. i preferred the previous episode over this one, and i’m looking forward to the next episode as better than this one.
    also, you should have watched it over winter break, when all episodes were available on the Heroes NBC website (although you could probably still find them easily enough on other sites, and definitely via bittorrent).

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