11 thoughts on “*BRAGGING* I don't drink coffee, but…”

  1. When I drink Starbucks, I don’t even get a buzz. I get a sugar rush that lasts about 15 minutes, then I want to throw up. McDonalds coffee on the other hand tastes like a dirty asshole, but at least I KNOW I’m drinking coffee.

  2. My buddy once got a cheap-ass Spongebob Squarepants watch in a Happy Meal or some shit; he’s worn it for almost five years, all day every day, and it keeps on ticking. He’s very fond of pointing out how well it works, at least as good as–if not better than–somebody’s $800 gold watch.

  3. Starbucks sells one to three shitty italian roasts and tells people that its good because they say so. They’re good for proprietary mixes of sugar and cinnamon but crap for real joe.

  4. Yeah, I’d agree with that. I’ve always been surprised at how good McDonalds’ coffee is compared to … well, to just about any large coffee chain’s stuff. And seriously, Starbucks just isn’t the place to go for coffee anyway.

  5. Watch somebody discover that McD’s puts beef tallow in the coffee
    I’d be more curious as to how McDonald’s compares to Tim Horton’s for coffee. But that’s more of a piddling Canadian concern. ALthough I think there’s is some US Tim Horton’s penetration.

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