Aqua Teen Hunger Jihad


  1. You’ve got to be kidding, they thought that LED lights were BOMBS?! What has this world come to. Jeez. Like a terrorist would put lights on their bombs, really now.

        1. I don’t think they were scared of the lights, they were scared of what might have been attached to the lights in the small boxes. It’s still fucking retarded, but I don’t think anyone thought lights were bombs.
          But actually, domestic terrorism has seen vandalism associated with it. Although this is quite obviously an ATHF marketing ploy, it’s not entirely stupid to assume that dangerous stuff can have decorations on it…

          1. Yeah but it’s like thinking OMG anything with lights attached to it is a fucking bomb. Bah, honestly. I think it’s retarded that this whole thing happened. It’s depressing.

  2. I thought these were just a bunch of shopped pics when I skimmed through them. But now I’m watching the report on Nightline that these were bombs and and I’m going, “Whoa… Hahaha!” Seriously though, I can understand how they were thought to be bombs. I can also see the massive free marketing generated for this movie. The box office returns should determine either its genius or insanity.

  3. lol stupid people thinking that unidentified blinking boxes could possibly be bombs omg you cant put a cartoon on a bomb!
    It’s like that douchebag who’s idea it was to check our shoes at the airport. Who the fuck could ever possibly hide a bomb in their shoe??

    1. Who the fuck could ever possibly fly airplanes into the twin towers?
      Ok, that’s kind of a ridiculous comparison, but it’s the same line of thinking for the people who become alarmed at these kinds of situations. Sure, it’s fairly improbable. But it could happen.

    2. … a guy DID put a bomb in his shoes. That’s why we had to start taking them off. Don’t you remember the story about that? He was trying to light his shoes on fire and the woman next to him went “…O_o wtf?” and then people subdued him. Oi.

    1. Nono, it’s still on. They’re just going to put up big portraits of Mohammed so that people will know it’s not an islamist nuclear power plant, what with the no pictures of the prophet thing they’ve got going on. We’re pretty sure we’ve got this plan foolproof…

  4. This is completely fucking retarded! Lol maybe the US should blow up the friggin moon and get rid of the problem. The government never ceases to amaze me at just how fucking dumb law enforcement has to be to pass the dipshit test and become a friggin cop.

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