Guys I am on Stickam now so go look at my face and maybe join it yourself so we can all look at each other’s faces. I got a new webcam for Christmukkah so it’s all nice and crisp and fresh and has a microphone.


Stir-fry is very frightening! I never know if I’m doing it right and if I’m overcooking stuff and if things are going to light on fire. But I think this came out well!

Teriyaki Chicken Noodles. Good lunchings! I think I put in a bit too much soy sauce (as usual), but it still tasted scrumptious.


Okay first of all I thought I’d start writing subjects for my entries so I could easily find them so I don’t think GOSH is really gonna cut it! Also I refuse to start tagging!

But anyway I realized that in making baked ziti, my plan for the vacation has backfired. My plan was not to have reheated food all throughout the vacation and you know to like make something new each day. But now I must continue to eat refrigerated baked ziti! It’s not bad – in fact it’s scrumptious – but my plan has been foiled by its own design!

…seriously does anyone want to come over and have some ziti

Bru háa háa

Yo so today I tried again at creme brulée using this recipe and it turned out FUCKING HOLY CHRIST BEST. So many eggs though. Geez!

will you look at that texture

This is actually a really inexpensive thing to make so despite the fat content being something like 50% I believe I shall make it whenever I am asked. By you!

Oh no ;[


It was bound to happen sooner or later! Two days ago I tried making cream soda:

Will you look at that awesome bottle? How sexy! Unfortunately, the cream soda was NOT sexy because, as tasty as it was, it was not carbonated. The yeast didn’t ferment, or something. It was airtight and sitting around for two days now, but the yeast didn’t do anything. So I had to throw it out. Oh well!

Come to think of it, the problem might have been that I didn’t use a plastic bottle – or something that could expand to allow the carbonation to take place. I dunno. Either way, I don’t really care because I don’t drink soda anyway.


Wow so it seems that Dragon Quest IX will be released solely as a Nintendo DS game.

I don’t find that TOO surprising, seeing as VIII was the only one in the series that didn’t use pixel-based sprites. As much as I really enjoyed VIII’s graphics, orchestral score, and voice acting, maybe it will be more like VII – pixel-based sprites and polygonal backgrounds.

And besides. Wii? Too gimmicky. PS3? Not popular enough. Xbox 360? No one plays that in Japan.


GUYS! I made baked ziti today. But uh actually with rigatoni instead of ziti. It was still great. Definitely my biggest undertaking but it was actually really fun and not too difficult. Four hours in the kitchen? Eh!

Yes, the handsome gent in the final photo WAS part of the meal.

Anyway the recipe didn’t really say how big it would turn out, but with three people who hadn’t eaten all day, we only ate about a third. There’s probably enough to last me the rest of the week. So seriously, if you want some lunch or dinner or something, just say so and you can have a whole lotta home-made ziti! With my own meatballs and sauce and stuff!

As long as I’m taking pics of food I’ve made myself I’m not moving it to jeffreyatw_food. That was for monitoring EVERYTHING I ate.

Thing I made today!

Orange mascarpone brulée!

It actually turned out pretty badly because the recipe I used was stupid. It was too milky, not eggy enough, and the recipe didn’t call for any sugar in the custard, only the top. Maybe I should just get meal SUGGESTIONS from Goons With Spoons and then search Google for an actual GOOD recipe. Or my stepmom’s cookbook. I don’t really need picture walkthroughs anymore since I think I actually have some cooking skill now…

Anyway I bought a butane torch just to make this so now I have FIRE! And a reason to make this dessert again! But not for a while because I ate too much and now I hate myself.