Oh no ;[


It was bound to happen sooner or later! Two days ago I tried making cream soda:

Will you look at that awesome bottle? How sexy! Unfortunately, the cream soda was NOT sexy because, as tasty as it was, it was not carbonated. The yeast didn’t ferment, or something. It was airtight and sitting around for two days now, but the yeast didn’t do anything. So I had to throw it out. Oh well!

Come to think of it, the problem might have been that I didn’t use a plastic bottle – or something that could expand to allow the carbonation to take place. I dunno. Either way, I don’t really care because I don’t drink soda anyway.

10 thoughts on “Oh no ;[”

      1. Well… if you’re right-handed you would still freak out that you got your left hand cut off even though it’s not your prodominant hand. What I mean is that you attempted to make cream soda and it didn’t work out but you’re not dissapointed because you don’t drink cream soda. I’m thinking that since you don’t drink cream soda, you didn’t make it for the purpose of consumption but to accomplish the task of making it. I’d say it’s worth another shot.

        1. Oh okay, I might have been thrown off cuz I’m left-handed.
          Yeah I dunno. I wasted a tablespoon of vanilla and half a cup of sugar and only have one packet of yeast left and also I dunno I don’t want to use this bottle and we don’t have any plastic bottles now and oh I’m not sure D:

    1. Nah I just bought the yeast from the supermarket a few days ago.
      And yeah I’m glad I refrigerated it the entire time it was fermenting (hence the reason the fermenting didn’t take place in the first place). Problems otherwise. D:

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