NYC Wrap-Up!

If it doesn’t sound like we did a lot in NYC it’s because most of the time was spent walking around Manhattan, which is the best thing to do ever. Sure you can sit in buildings and watch a lot of plays and performances and shit but it’s not really experiencing NYC unless you’re really just walking the streets and seeing the everyday sights. …And sharing a one-person room with four people.
Dec 24
Arrived in New York finally, took a bus then the subway into Manhattan. Met up with the peeps, Hannah and Brendan. After a bit of chillin’, we headed to Chinatown and met up with Beau, then alls of us got some vegetarian dim sum, which was greatsome. The shrimp was especially convincing. But then we walked around town (after having these awesome cream puffs) and saw the new David Lynch movie and my night was ruined. Oh well
Dec 25
We walked really far to a diner in the morning where I had quiche which was probably better than mine. They used this awesome cheese. Oh well. Later in the evening, Hannah and I headed to her sister’s apartment in Brooklyn, where her family was there makin’ some awesome Christmas dinner. They even had presents for me and I was pleasantly surprised!
Dec 26
Birthday time! Met up with my cousin Carol and had some pizza and beer. Then I headed to her apartment just to have a look. It was like really high up and I could see the entire city. Lucky Carol! Afterwards I met Hannah’s family again and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a bit. Saw some awesome German caricatures which scared me a lot. Later the fearsome foursome headed for some cheap but awesome sushi, where I had some sake. That’s about all the alcohol I had! Then we went to the Strand book store where there were a lot of books, and went back to the hotel to watch A Hard Day’s Night.
Dec 27
The next morning we went and walked around the lake in Central Park. Afterwards we headed to the nearby design museum or something where there were a lot of awesome modern designs from places like Google and Apple. Later we met up with Hannah’s mom and sister again and ate at this massive deli where there was everything, and were about to go ice skating when we realized that the line to rent skates was like two hours long. Later in the day we ordered some vegetarian AND kosher Chinese food to the room and watched monster movies.
Dec 28
Met Meredith for lunch in Times Square after being utterly horrified by the rampant consumerism surrounding us. Later in the evening we saw Nels Cline and some other harpist perform and it was really avant-garde and noisy. Not my kind of thing but I sort of enjoyed it. Later we ate at Pukk, which is like the most awesome designer vegetarian Thai place in the world. I’m totally going back to it next time I’m in NYC. It’s really cheap too.
Dec 29
This day was the day to go home, but beforehand I visited my grandparents and we went out to lunch at Applebee’s. They brought the entire staff over and gave me some ice cream and sang a song for my birthday. Hooray.
Okay then I went home so that is my trip goodbye!

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