Today I had beer!
It still tastes bad!


    1. I had both of those at a party I was at a few months ago. Didn’t like either of them.
      I did have some sake for dinner, though, which I actually really liked! So alcoholic beverages overall are not lost to me.

      1. It’s a cliche, but beer really is an acquired taste. I drank it with my dad sometimes, but i only started really liking it until I was abroad in Belgium (kingdom of beer) summer of 2005. I started having fruit-flavored lambic beers (basically like the Smirnoff Twists of beer) and then real lambic ales, and eventually I was drinking everything. Now I really like the taste of beer, and with the exception of some especially foul exceptions (Budweiser) I can drink some pretty shitty beers without minding too much (Miller).
        So, I don’t know if trying to like beer is something people should spend a lot of time doing, but I think it really is something that comes through the right exposure.
        You’re also still a girl.

        1. Your joking quip is reason enough for me to not care about disliking beer. If “you’re a girl” is the best reason why I should start liking it, I’ll just keep drinking things I enjoy.

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