Hi dudes

Paolo and I are here in San Diego, in our hotel room. The drive down here was good but I ran over a squirrel, left my cell phone at a diner and spent an hour backtracking, and got a big hole in one of my tires, so I had to take it to a tire shop and pay $100 for a new tire.

Anyway we went to Preview Night just now and things look good this year. We beat all of the lines! And our hotel is near a bus stop so we can take a bus straight down to the con center. No need for trolleys or parking, I guess.

Okay see you.


I feel so horrible I forgot to meet my mom for Jamba Juice after work and she even tried calling but my fucking cell phone was broken and wouldn’t ring so I forgot about it for two hours.

But I called her up to apologize and she was totally okay about it so that was a relief but still I feel horribly bad since I hate hate hate when people stand me up for things. Auugh.

I think I’m going to buy a new cell phone.

Two more fortune cookies

“This weekend will be the beginning of an adventure.”

When I think about how these fortune cookies apply to me, I don’t really think about how weird or creepy it is that they do – I think more about the fact that these fortunes apply to so many people on a broad scale. It’s interesting that people will really resonate with a “new adventure” coming in the weekend, or be thinking about their loved ones enough to really agree with the “absence” adage.

Silly enough is a fortune cookie I got before I started going for Chinese for lunch so often:

“A good way to keep healthy is to eat more Chinese food.”

Cause, or effect?

Just another FYI

I’m heading to Santiago Comics Convention with Paolo on Wednesday. I will be there all weekend so if you are also going there we can hang, kick it, and mingle.

Also the next ProcrastiMATION will be finished by tomorrow (gotta hustle) so look out for it then.

Speaking about cons: who wants to pre-reg for Fanime 2007? I know it’s almost a year away but if we reg before November it’s $40.



Unleash the power of the Gods and embark on a merciless quest as Kratos, an ex-Spartan warrior driven to destroy Ares, the God of War. Armed with lethal double chainblades, Kratos must carve through mythology’s darkest creatures including Medusa, Cyclops, the Hydra and more, while solving intricate puzzles in breathtaking environments. Driven by pure revenge, nothing can stop Kratos from achieving absolution.

Along the way, the duo pick up golden clams that they can redeem for items, including passes to secret bonus levels. To get these clams and clear the various levels, SpongeBob and Patrick will team up to defeat jellyfish, gigantic clams and other sea life that stands in your way.

Do I not look dapper

Momosphere – Term to encompass blogs written by mothers. A portmanteau of “mom” and “blogosphere”.
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Blogging_Terms#M

Momosphere is the best word I have ever heard in the entire world, ever. It is a sphere… of moms. A momosphere.