If you regularly comment on posts at ohnotheydidnt you are a HORRIBLE PERSON.

I was linked to this post:
It’s of Eva Longoria, without makeup.

I’ve never watched Desperate Housewives nor did I know what Eva Longoria looked like, but I saw these pictures first and then saw her in makeup (as usual), and… seriously. There’s NOTHING WRONG with her without makeup. In fact my first reaction is “she’s cute.” It was obvious that these are paparazzi pictures and that she’s probably not at her best, but still. Seriously. She looks better than the average person by far.

So once you look at those pictures, scroll down and look at the two pages of degrading comments made by complete assholes who are totally out of touch with reality. You’ve got a bunch of “UGGGGHHHH”s and “WOW WTF” and “UGLY FUCKING BITCH” and all of this other hateful stuff that is just… out there. Like I said, I don’t even know who Eva Longoria IS, but I’m sure that even if I was used to seeing her on TV and the like, I wouldn’t be nearly as taken aback as these assholes are.

I can only imagine that the people in this community have serious image/health problems themselves, as they seem to be trying to achieve some impossible standard. Seriously, you don’t have to strive to look Photoshopped in real life. Go outside, make real-life friends, socialize with people that interest you beyond simple looks. Stop living in a TV world.

In unrelated news I think I’ll actually try to use the “Music” feature from now on in LJ… or see how long I can go without forgetting.


I finally decided what’s going to happen in terms of getting a new car.

The story was, originally, my stepmom was going to sell her 1999 Acura Integra GS Coupe. Then she thought that since my car is old and could be on its way to being busted, she’d just give it to me instead and buy a new one. How nice!

But we were also thinking about selling the car and then just taking the money from that and putting it toward another car, something that I would like better (just another Honda Accord, actually).

So, I’ve been staring at this auction for the past few days. This is my dream car. A 2005 Honda Accord LX – exactly what I want – for under $10k… because it has a salvage title. Supposedly, it sustained major flood damage and also was hit by a tree branch, but here it is, in supposed perfect working condition, and with only minor dents on the roof. We called the seller up and received some weird half-truths and had to sort of bully stories out of him.

Although I’m still very torn on it – people have bought flood-damage salvage vehicles before and had fine experiences – I’ve decided to just leave it be.

Instead, I’m going with what the original plan was – I’ll get my stepmom’s car instead. It’s got a small interior, and just two doors, but it’s still a Honda car and I’m sure I’ll like it. It handles similarly to my car, and supposedly has a good amount of power, so there’s no need to complain.

So probably within the next month or so, we’re either giving my 1991 Honda Accord LX away or selling it for around, say, $2k. If anyone’s interested in a high-mileage (185k) car that works perfectly and has undergone no major repairs, talk to me about it.