Do I not look dapper

Momosphere – Term to encompass blogs written by mothers. A portmanteau of “mom” and “blogosphere”.

Momosphere is the best word I have ever heard in the entire world, ever. It is a sphere… of moms. A momosphere.

4 thoughts on “Do I not look dapper”

  1. Jeff I need flash help, I cant figure out why my scroll bar on my text box wont work, it just puts up a blank white bar and no arrows to click. Have you made scrolling text boxes before? what method do you use?

    1. I couldn’t exactly say; there could be hundreds of reasons why a scrollbar wouldn’t work. I’ve made them before but with very bad tutorials that didn’t tell me much. Overall I’m not exactly sure how to make one.
      I know that Flash has embedded objects, and scrollbars with content in them are one of those objects… but I’ve never actually used them myself. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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