I’m creating a musical instrument of sorts… it’s a patch for NN-XT in Reason, and each tone is an isolated note from one of my favorite songs. It’ll take a long time to complete, but it might sound neat.


      1. that sorta reminds me of the scene from Revenge of The Nerds where the guy is playing the syth on computer keys and such.
        thats who you are.
        buy a flute.

      2. That’s basically what modern high-end keyboards are…of course they cost like $5000+, but the reason to use them is the convenience and portability.
        Someday when cpu power is cheap enough, it will happen that even the cheapest keyboards have superpowerful software on them and samples/modelling for all real-world instruments. Then it will be really hard to justify ever buying a real one. Of course the interface can change…stuff like Roland’s V-Accordion, but that’s a matter of taste.

        1. I doubt that samples will ever fully replace real-world instruments. There are violins that have such a distinctive timbre to them that even other violins can’t replicate their sound – and people have been trying for centuries.

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