Time to ruin everyone’s dreams about that year-old “John Cleese” letter to America that people are posting:


iTunes 5

iTunes 5 is out, with support for Motorola phones with iTunes and the new iPod nano (replacement for the mini), new “smart shuffle” to control the repetition of artists, QuickTime 7, but best of all, a new interface.

The new interface is great, because it gets rid of almost all unused space with all the same functionality. Weirdest change is that the menubar, title bar, and corner buttons are all on the same level.

Also from what I can see it doesn’t put more limitations on shit or tell me that I can’t do something I used to be able to. So yeah give it a try!

Google News

I’m getting pretty addicted to Google News, but of course it’s in beta and nothing’s perfect. But I still like seeing headlines like this:

Note: Some graphics are oversized and require scrolling
Houston Chronicle – 17 hours ago

Their immediate survival assured, the people who fled Hurricane Katrina last week have a new goal. A normal life. Whatever that will prove to mean. “I’m somewhat nervous about going back,” said Sandra Hewitt …


Just because I’ve seen it on my friends page 5 times already:

The finding/looting thing is an unfair comparison because the photos are from two different press syndicates. The Associated Press has labeled all food-takers, black and white, as “looters,” while the Agence France-Presse labeled the one image of two white food-takers as “finders.”

Stop jumping to conclusions everyone thanks.