I am very sad someone help me oh wait YOU CAN'T

Personal posts with comments disabled are the corniest thing in the world. Stop it you’re corny.

20 thoughts on “I am very sad someone help me oh wait YOU CAN'T”

  1. Speaking as someone who occasionally does that…
    First, sometimes it’s because I know it’s my own problem and there’s only one person who can help me, that is myself.  Then why make a post?  Because it’s better than having the pain to myself and letting it hurt me.
    Second, friends know to reach me outside LJ.  Phone, email, IM…  You name it.  LJ commenting isn’t the only mode of communication allowed for discussing whatever matter posted on LJ.

    1. UH OH! If I’d’ve disabled contents on this post then maybe no one would bother telling me that they’re going to warn the authorities and I’d be blissfully ignorant until the coppers knocked on my door and threw me in the nuthouse!

  2. Hahaha, that was awesome. I hate that shit, I’m proud to say I’ve never disabled the comments on any of my entries.
    Another classic is when people delete every other comment they don’t like.

  3. That looks like one of those pictures that gets made by somebody just for some fun, then it gets passed all around the internet and posted on the walls in high school classrooms and finally ends up on collegehumor.com or something. Nice work.

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