I actually use the rating system in iTunes to keep track of what I want to keep on my iPod and what I want to throw away. 3-star songs are kinda okay, 4-star songs are good, 5-star songs are my favorite, anything below that I take off the playlist. My library is still under construction since I’m not (and never will be) done going through my 10,000-song library, but here it is:
My current 5-star playlist, a 500-something list of my favorite songs.
Keep in mind, this is 500 out of a sea of 10,000. That’s how much I like ’em. If you want any, just ask.


    1. It’s ok, I don’t have very much either(unless you count the entirety of various chiptune collections). Some of us just don’t really look for – or hold on to – very much music.
      I’ve hardly used my MP3 player in the last month or two except as an alarm clock.

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