I just took an hour drive down to Los Alto Hills to see a show glisse was in, Brigadoon, and now I want to see it again. It’s probably the best theater experience I’ve ever had. Might be because I don’t really like theater that much, but… wow. Costumes, sets, acting, singing, the musical itself (which I had never seen), all amazing. Extremely colorful. Every scene had a different color scheme, it seemed.
So yeah. Actually I really do want to see it again, that is, if anyone wants to come with. It’s only $15 if you’re a student, and with a promotional code “ONLINE.” It’s going on for two more weekends. I highly, highly suggest seeing it; it made my weekend. And I’ll drive if anyone wants to go (because the drive down is really fun (and fast) too)!


  1. grr.. i can’t log in, but it’s chelsea. i saw brigadoon in long beach with my drama class in 9th grade. it’s really good. good for you!! 🙂

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