Check out who’s there in the first page. 🙂


        1. I care because I feel like it’s both an insult to my intelligence when I have to hear things like “oh I knew about that, hu hu hu.” Let’s phrase it better: I just don’t want to hear it.

          1. The reason everyone, myself included, tends to get worked up about this stuff is because it feels like a waste of our time to see something old. (I remember that I criticized you for it once and I remember that you were hurt then too – now I’m trying to resolve the issue a bit more completely than I did that time so that I don’t have to work on my paper) But it would certainly be insulting, going the other direction, if someone posted old news CONSTANTLY. I know where you’re coming from when you see something “new” and think it makes a kickass link but unwittingly get the timeframe wrong. The only solution is to be the best journalist you can and take your lumps when they come. You can’t force respectfulness onto others.
            Okay, that’s not quite true – you CAN try forcing people in a situation like this one, but if 100 people were to dis you all at once you wouldn’t exactly have the option of dealing with them one at a time. (This is a point which loosely regulated sites like Slashdot and Genmay reinforce to me time and again)
            Anyway I’ve wasted far too much time on this.

  1. weee! i’ve played that. not that specific game, with pirates, but kingdom hearts at least. the one that has mickey mouse and donald duck. quite cheesy. 🙂

  2. i played Kingdom Hearts 2 at E3. It’s fun, but I didn’t see Mr. Sparrow in game. I played the Mulan level. Very fun! And that is game graphic Jack Sparrow. Now I wonder if they’ll cast (damn i forgot his name) Johnny Depp (remembered his name finally) to voice himself. I say, most likely.

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