Maybe I should start seriously thinking I’m as important as I act. I might stop beating myself up all the time and take risks.


  1. Nah. We’ve played too many video games for that. We know there’s no restore here, so gotta do things the safe way.

  2. Perhaps you should realize that in many of these situations, you really don’t have as much as you think you do to lose. That realization was pretty helpful for myself.

        1. That’s lame, Phil. Not the part about not wanting to be remembered – it’s more of the thought that you actually think you’re striving to NOT make a name for yourself in the future, as if the future really matters at all.
          Know what I mean? Just do what you do, who cares about what others think – you’re not seriously going to PUSH toward being forgotten, are you?

          1. i never said i was striving toward anything. i don’t give a rat’s ass about my impact on the world, so making a name for myself or subverting my name’s impact would both require more effort than i’m willing to put forth. i was just saying that the implications implied by the person i was responding to weren’t neccesarily apt.
            besides, you’re right. it doesn’t matter. at some point all history gets lost anyway. and any history that’s left is going to be misinterpretted. so whatever. if i cared more about what others thought, i wouldn’t have come out or dyed my hair or pierced my ears or worn the same clothes for days on end or a number of other things. come on. you know i don’t plan or think before i act.

          1. Spontaneity can also come from boring people.
            Examples:”…Hey it’s a sunny day outside, let’s read the latest census!”
            And don’t sell boring people short… Sometimes risks and living in the now is all well and good… but alot of it can be the sort of cool fun that’s only appreciative in hindsight cause they make for good stories to tell your friends, parole officers and therapists…

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