brought to my attention by paradoxx181

This should NOT HAPPEN. Oh my GOD. But I love the wording. “Nasty hunger pains.” Reminding you, yet again, that you’re not a fucking lv.50 Elf Paladin from the kingdom of Everquestoria.

Anyway, now we need the /pizza command implemented in IRC…

13 thoughts on “brought to my attention by paradoxx181”

  1. I found that too.. cus I’m playing EQ… Oh dear..
    EQ2 is much better than the first one.. I’m on the Trial right now actually, so I haven’t PAID for anything. I.. I want it. bad…. I am a horrible person.

    1. I heard it wasnt as good. Third person?!
      EQ was the most addictive thing ever. Ive done drugs and there is no comparison. While playing EQ I FANTASIZED of living in an environment devoid of anything but playing eq, nothing else in the world appealed to me. Face to face human interaction? Disgusting! It has been over a year since I smoked evercrack, but just like an ex junky, the memory of EQ sometimes slips into my mind and it’s a rather blissful thought.
      Level 60 cleric
      Erollisi Marr

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